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Short shifter BMW V3 Self centring

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With a button integrated on top of the shifter for reverse gear change and self centring spring (only needed when original spring inside the gearbox is weakened or worn out)

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Quick shift with easy-fit to your original shifter linkage.

Short shifter is essential to any dedicated track car, or even your daily driver that could use crisper, more precise shifts.

Suitable for all BMW 5 – 6 speed “Getrag” and “ZF” gearboxes with a standard H shifting pattern, ensuring that the coupling system and everything other than your center console (potentially a little trim needed depending on model) remains completely untouched.

Installation requires only 4 holes in the transmission tunnel to fit short – shifter.

*Performance manual short shifter with a self centring spring that gives you stiffer returning force when your original spring inside the gearbox is weakened or worn out

*Fast & accurate quick shift

*Adjustable bolts for 5th -6th speed and reverse gear blocking

*Bearings are used to move stick angular and rotational directions

*Made entirely of premium materials:

High Grade aluminium stick and frame

Assembly details (as bolts) are made of stainless steel

Sliding inserts and linkage connection tip are coated with teflon

*Precisely CNC milled aluminium anodized with your favorite color

*Choose different or the same color for reverse button

*Complementary finish

**For overall short-shifting perfection we highly recommend to use stiffer engine and gearbox mounts or at least check the condition of each before use. The short shifter is for racing use only and could transfer more and louder sounds from the driveline in comparison to OEM shifter due to its billet aluminium construction.

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